Tokaji Aszú - Wine of Kings, King of Wines

Louis XIV himself proclaimed it the "Wine of Kings and King of Wines". For hundreds of years Tokaji Aszú has graced the tables of the elite across Europe.

Tokaji Aszú is a fine, very sweet wine normally served as a dessert wine. Its unique taste comes from the nurturing of late grapes and a fortunate combination of weather conditions around the vineyards. 

Tokaji (Pronounced TO-kə-yi, and sometimes misspelled Tokay) is named for Tokaj, a hilly, fertile region in northeastern Hungary. the addition of the i at the end gives the wines their name, which means literally "from" or "of" Tokaj.

After being hoarded by the Soviet communist elite, who attempted to inflate production levels, the fall of the eastern bloc and subsequent foreign investment has seen the reputation of Tokaji Aszú reinstated, and the wine returned to its rightful place among the world's finest. 

To learn more about the Wine of Kings, please visit the About Tokaji Aszu  page. 

"Tokaji Aszu is the greatest and probably the first sweet wine. Tokaji blends sweet wines from shriveled aszu berries together with dry table wine from the previous vintage - the acidity cutting through the cloying sweetness, leaving you refreshed and uplifted."  - Rory Ross, The Daily Telegraph